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Back to life!

The HorseDesigns website, once my full time and very busy job, has been laying dormant for years. My husband, Tommy, became seriously ill in 2010 and was bedridden for a number of years. I stepped out of my business and began full time caregiving. Myriad doctors told him he had multiple organ failure and would be dead within 2 - 4 weeks back at that time. Tommy wasn't ready to accept that and neither was I so we set out on a journey to slowly but surely bring him back to life, cell by cell. It was long, hard, scary, and very rewarding. Below on the left is a photo of Tommy doing well and the photo on the right was taken just a few weeks later when we were told he was dying. My brother, his best friend, was comforting him.

And this picture to the right is Tommy today, stable and alive, more than 5 years after the dire predictions. Lots of prayers, family and friends helping and countless all night studies, special recipes, supplements and day to day patience. Doctors said he'd never be free of tube feeding, but his swallowing was restored.

Eventually, I returned to my love of photography and started a business last year professionally photographing real estate. My website for that is But I did not feel complete with my old friend still just sitting there being neglected. I missed that part of me and decided that in 2018, I would endeavor to bring her back to life as well, slowly but surely.

I have a lot of work to do... new designs, getting the website visible and known again. Speaking of designs, if there's something you wish were on the market, tell me and I'll create it! I'm both excited and patient. I have learned that sometimes it just takes time and faith to allow things to happen. I've also learned to not give up, no matter how many supposed professionals might tell you to. If it's in your heart to keep walking in a certain direction, then do it! I hope some of my old customers find me. They were more than customers. They were friends, too! I remember all of you fondly.

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